Vulcanizing O-Ring and Gasket Heaters


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ATC Kit with optional O-Ring Cord

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You can professionally make high temperature and chemical resistant O-Rings to the exact size you need -
in either inch or metric.

Here's one of the most practical, time saving, 
widely used devices for industry ever manufactured.



A vulcanized O-Ring produces a bond with greater elasticity and strength due to molecular bonding. It is the highest quality for dynamic and static services.


The vulcanizing die and Viton Cord are now available in a choice of inch and metric sizes. The kit vulcanizes other materials now including Buna N, Fluorel , Silicone, Nordel (EPR), Neoprene, Nitrile, and EPDM. The heater control is available in either 120VAC or 240VAC 100W versions.


The Viton O-Ring Heater was designed specifically for ease and speed of operation. Complete easy-to-follow instructions with clear step-by-step drawings are included in each kit.  The onboard temperature controller/timer makes it a snap.  Put your O-ring in the die, and start the controller - THAT'S IT.  The controller will set and maintain the correct temperature, time the bonding cycle, and turn off when done.  Making O-Rings couldn't be easier


19" Toolbox to Carry Complete Kit Complete Workboard with Controller
Heating Element and Temp Sensor Vulcanizing Die (inch, metric, or custom)
Viton Vulcanizing Cutting Knife
Cooling Container Glove and Marking Pencil
Standard 8 slot die (MF95960.50) available with 0.070", 0.103", 0.139", 0.210", 0.275", 0.312", 0.375", and 0.50". Metric dies from 5.7mm to 12mm.
Special custom dies (MF9596DIY) are available in flat, rectangular, chevron, and irregular cross sections up to 3.5" (87.5mm).  See chart below


Typical Custom Dies
Extrusion and Bonded Cross Sections

Square Rectangle Chevron Tubing Quad Oval Valve Seal 18mm

MF95960.50 - 8 position inch die
0.70 thru 0.275 inch PLUS
0.312, 0.375, 0.50 inch

MF9596 DIY (Drill It Yourself)
Blank Die
Total Cross Section available 
to 3.5" (87.5mm)

The MF (Mini-Factory) denote a new standard in elastomer vulcanizing dies.  The design promotes easy, multiple cord loading and the reduction of cycle time.  Identical or varied cross sections may be produced in units of up to four pieces.  See our products page for complete information on all our optional die sizes.



Solid Elastomer Rubber Bonding Formula

This is a SOLID rubber bonding formula.  All you add is toluene or MEK. This means it can be shipped as a NON-FLAMMABLE.  Once agitated into a viscous solution - it is ready to use.  Bonds EPDM, Buna-N, and Neoprene.  Solid and liquid form requires refrigeration. 

Model 02340 Solid Rubber 
Bonding Formula

Viton is a registered Trademark of E.I. DuPont
Fluorel is a registered Trademark of the 3M Company

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