Tech Shield Really Works

Two years of field-testing at a major paper mill has proved the claims for 

During this period, savings of at least $75,000 have been reported.

Section of air duct from air handling system. Left half coated, right half uncoated

Concrete stanchion - 
rear base coated
Centrifugal pump assembly, in which impeller, elbow safety shield and motor are coated, remaining area left unprotected
LEFT - 4" hand valve with entire valve and flange both coated, mating flange uncoated

RIGHT - Similar valve, only hand wheel has been coated.


TECH SHIELD is an EPDM (Ethylene Propylene Dimonomer) transparent, non-conductive aerosol spray or brush applied coating. The coating forms a flexible molecular bond on all surfaces. Tests include applications on metal, wood, composites, painted surfaces, concrete, tile, plastics, fabrics, P.C. Boards and electrical connections.

Applied to all surfaces as a primer or a finished coat over painted areas, the product will waterproof, rustproof, protect against ozone conditions; resist ultraviolet rays; improve or maintain dielectric constants; produce a conformal protective film for P.C. Boards, electrical wiring and terminal connections.

TECH SHIELD will prevent and arrest corrosive attack from direct contact or external aggressive environments of acids, sea water, brine, caustic, chlorine, alcohol, water and acid rain.

Already proven cost effective in the pulp and paper industry,
TECH SHIELD also has wide industrial, marine, municipal, institutional, recreational and home maintenance applications.


Typical applications are:

Concrete & Ceramic Supports Pipe Hangers & Insulators
Fences & Ducting Lighting & Washrooms
Instrument Housings Work Clothes & Shoes
Valve flanges & fittings Wiring & Wiring Terminals
Pump Housings Switch Gear & Marine Hardware
Slippery Work Areas Statues & Stained Glass
Identification Plates Beams & Stanchions
Water Towers & Tanks Leak Sealing
Fork Lifts & Vehicles Metal & Access Ladders 
Motor Windings SO MUCH MORE


TECH SHIELD is available in 4oz and 12.5 oz. aerosol spray cans.
One gallon and five gallon pails and larger drum sizes are also available.



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